Call for Proposals (CFP)

CSDC’s annual conference offers an in-depth, timely program that provides the critical content, resources, and technical assistance that charter leaders are seeking.

Make an Impact!

Presenting at the CSDC Conference is a great way to build capacity in the California charter school sector and to have a huge impact on the lives of students, faculty, and communities across the state. Presenting at the CSDC Conference empowers you to:

  • Network and connect with school leaders from across California
  • Impart timely, actionable information to the leaders who can activate these ideas at their school sites
  • Build your reputation as a trusted thought-leader in the sector
  • Save on registration via a special discounted rate* made available exclusively to presenters at this year’s conference

Who Presents?

CSDC seeks strong, experienced leaders within the charter sector who have insightful, timely, and critical content to share. The most valuable proposals will:

  • Address content or topics listed in the CFP (See Strands and Suggested Topics)
  • Be presented by charter school/sector leaders 
  • Share specific, proven best practices
  • Provide actionable resources
  • Describe specific challenges and how the school/charter organization/leader overcame them
  • Offer real-world applications to operationalize valuable content 
  • Engage attendees with interactive components, workbooks, visuals, multiple presenters, and/or Q&A

Presentation Formats

  • Breakout Sessions: 75-minutes long sessions that cover myriad topics critical to charter school operations and make up most of the offered content scheduled throughout the event.
  • Learning Labs: 45-minute sessions hosted in our exhibit hall, designed to be full of energy, hands-on engagement, and provide opportunities for attendees to interact with their colleagues during exhibit hall hours on a niche topic.

The programming committee will also solicit workshops (3-hour sessions) and summits (6-hour sessions) directly.

Review the conference schedule.

Strands and Suggested Topics

1. Accountability and Renewal

2. Educational Approaches

3. Student Support Systems

4. Governance

5. Human Resources

6. Leadership and Equity

7. Policy and Advocacy

8. School Operations

9. Strategic Fiscal Management

Proposal Criteria, Review Process, and Resources

CSDC will only accept completed proposals submitted via the online portal, linked below. Proposals submitted any other way will not be accepted.

  • Proposals must be received by June 21
  • Limit of three (3) proposal submissions per individual or five (5) per organization for consideration
  • According to CSDC policy, each accepted presenter will receive one (1) discounted conference registration; annual discounted rates may vary
  • Presenters must confirm they have reviewed and agree to CSDC’s Diversity Guidelines
  • Note: When submitting a proposal as a vendor or other support organization that works with charter schools, CSDC strongly encourages a co-presenting charter school client representative. CSDC prioritizes proposals with strong charter leaders as presenters.

Proposals will be reviewed by CSDC’s programming selection committee using the following criteria:

  • Unique content that is aligned with current events and trending issues for the charter sector
  • Responsiveness to the suggested topics in the CFP (see Strands and Suggested Topics)
  • Practical application
  • Data on proven outcomes
  • Specificity and quality of content
  • A creative, catchy, and precise session title of no more than 15 words
  • A clear, concise description that explains what is being addressed, the practice or evidence that will be demonstrated, and what tools, resources, or knowledge attendees will walk away with; session descriptions should be no more than 250 words.
  • A clear objective—what attendees will learn because of your presentation
  • Presenter(s) experience and expertise
  • Interaction and opportunities for audience participation
  • Quality handouts/tools for attendees to takeaway
  • Level of commercial bias (if any)

Critical Presenter Deadlines

  • Early May: CFP opens
  • June 21: Completed proposals must be submitted through the portal
  • By July 26: CSDC will confirm sessions by email. CSDC will also notify those who were not selected for the 2024 conference program
  • August 1: Presenters must confirm intention to present, and submit their final titles, bios, social media links, and headshots along with any edits to session titles or descriptions
  • August 1: All programming goes live on conference website
  • Attend a 30-minute presenter training on one of the following dates. (Links will be included in emails to accepted session presenters.)
    • October 25 at 1:00PM
    • October 30 at 10:00AM
  • November 8: Presentation files and resources uploaded to presenter portal by 5:00PM
  • November 18-20: CSDC Conference in Sacramento, CA


* Presenters are eligible to register at the special, discounted full registration rate of $529. If you are not planning to attend the entire conference, and only your session, you must still register as a presenter (at no charge). Review the complete Presenter FAQs for additional details. Additionally, all participants agree to abide by the CSDC Code of Conduct and presenters agree to the Diverse Presenter Guidelines.

Submit a Proposal

The CFP for the 2024 CSDC Conference closed on June 21. If you submitted a proposal this year, please click the button below to manage your submission. If you are interested in submitting a proposal next year, please join our email list and follow us on social (LinkedIn, Facebook, and X for the latest). Please contact us at with any questions.

Closed June 21