Charter School Accountability Summit: What Administrators Need to Know about LCAPs, the Dashboard, and Charter Renewal


This Summit reviews fundamentals of charter school accountability, with opportunities to reflect and consider your school’s context.

Summit Part I: Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). Each year, every California Local Education Agency (LEA), including charter schools, must prepare or “update” an LCAP. These complex documents attempt to tie fiscal and programmatic plans, with a focus on monitoring effectiveness of actions that aim to close gaps for “high needs” students. “LCAPing” is not always straightforward, but some approaches help to make sense of the process.

Join Kathy Asmussen, Jennifer Reyes, and Annice Weinstein of EdTec for an overview of the LCAP’s purposes, components, and required process elements, including linkage to the charter school’s charter petition and California School Dashboard data. This illuminating presentation will break down what's new this year and offer valuable tips to make the process purposeful and efficient. Seasoned professionals and beginners alike will gain insights into established best practices. This session will emphasize practical approaches to optimize the LCAP process and drive impactful outcomes for your charter school community.

Summit Part II: The California School Dashboard and Charter Renewal. The afternoon session aims to prepare administrators as literate interpreters of their schools’ school performance data in the various places it lives on public-facing California Department of Education web pages. Attendees will also learn about the charter renewal process, including what data points to target and monitor throughout the charter term for a smoother renewal.

• The California School Dashboard: State Indicators. Check your school’s 2022 “Dashboard” as we examine each indicator, including how they are calculated, what they are do and do not say about a school, eye-opening trends and dynamics, and their prominent role in charter school accountability, especially charter renewal and the LCAP.
• The California School Dashboard: Local Indicators. These five self-reported indicators also connect to charter renewal and can yield insights. Parsec Education will describe a new Artificial Intelligence tool for synthesizing feedback to inform LCAP planning and Local Indicator reporting.
• State and federal accountability. Participants will understand Dashboard-based accountability including surprising ways to trigger “Differentiated Assistance” and thus disqualify a school from streamlined renewal.
• Charter renewal. The workshop will review the process and standards of charter renewal, including how to prepare. The data portion of renewal is complex and can be confusing. For many schools, understanding these details can make the difference in renewal.

NOTE: Summit Part II provides background for understanding the Charter Renewal Data sequence that follows on November 9. The five sessions will explore the following: (1) making sense of the charter renewal and data use procedures, (2) understanding student growth data in the context of charter renewal, and (3) understanding “verified data” from the most widely used sources including (a) CORE Student Growth Percentile methodology for CAASPP, (b) NWEA MAP, and (c) iReady. Buckle your seatbelts for a wild data ride!

Presented by


Annice Weinstein

Sr. Manager, Assessment Data and Analysis

Annice has been assisting charter schools with analyzing and presenting their achievement data for renewals, WASC and grant proposals at EdTec for over a decade. More recently, she’s guided schools in developing their Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) and improving processes for monitoring progress. She also has expertise in the development and implementation of assessment systems for schools, such as Otus and Illuminate. Prior to joining EdTec, Annice managed Kaplan K12's student assessment system, and developed K-8 curriculum for LeapFrog SchoolHouse and Computer Curriculum Corporation.


Babatunde Ilori

Chief Executive Officer
Parsec Education

Babatunde Ilori is the CEO of Parsec Education, an education technology company focused on providing school systems with high quality data visualization tools and resources to improve student achievement. Prior to joining Parsec, Babatunde was the Executive Director of Accountability and Communications for Madera Unified. Babatunde is a member of the California Practitioner Advisory Group (CPAG). The CPAG provides feedback to the State Board of Education on ways to improve the California Dashboard. Babatunde is a graduate of the Broad Residency program and received his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.


Eugene Park

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Parsec Education

Eugene is the founder and chief innovation officer at Parsec Education, an educational technology company. He is committed to improving and transforming K-12 education and student outcomes by modernizing, evaluating, improving, and standardizing how schools view, interpret, and respond to data.


Greta Proctor


Greta Proctor is the leader of Procopio’s Education practice. Greta advises on a wide range of operational, governance, and ever-changing regulatory issues for classroom and non-classroom based charter schools. Greta has worked extensively on charter renewals, including appeals. She also counsels schools through special proceedings ranging from OCR complaints to FCMAT extraordinary audits. Greta provides frequent trainings on topics such as teacher credentialing, Board governance, the Brown Act, Public Records Act, avoiding conflicts of interest under the Political Reform Act and Government Code section 1090, and new legislation impacting her clients.


Jennifer Reyes

Senior Manager, Educational Support Services

Dr. Jennifer Reyes has extensive experience in teaching, school leadership, and instructional coaching. As part of the LCAP 360 Team, she assists schools in developing their Local Control Accountability Plans and processes to align with their mission and vision. She also supports with reporting and planning for accreditation, petitions, grant applications, and more. Prior to her arrival at EdTec, she served as a site leader, organization-level leader, and instructional coach with a charter school network in Los Angeles, where she developed expertise in school improvement and accountability. She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from UCLA.


Kathy Asmussen

Educational Support Services Associate

Kathy has a wealth of experience in education and charter schools. She previously served as the Director of Instructional Technology and Assessments for a charter management organization that operated fifteen schools in Los Angeles. Most recently, she worked with the UCLA Math Project to support principals and teachers in providing high-quality math instruction. She earned her Master’s in Education from the Principal Leadership Institute at UCLA.


Susanne Coie

Accountability and Development Specialist
Charter Schools Development Center

Susanne has worked in K-12 education for more years than she will publicly admit. She started as a continuation high school teacher, co-administering a small school-within-a-school. Susanne co-founded the Los Angeles Leadership Academy and served as principal in its first four years. She served as a founding charter school governing board member for nine years. Her expertise includes school accountability, school performance data, education program and school administration. She continues to be excited about preserving high quality options for students. She holds a Master of Public Policy from the UC Berkeley, a teaching credential from Cal State Los Angeles, a BA from Pomona College, but some of her best education has come from her students.